Our roots shape our future and who we become; as an olive tree, no matter where planted, will produce olives, so do the Lebanese, wherever they are, still have roots firmly planted in the land of Lebanon. However, connecting with those roots is not always an easy thing. The majority of those living abroad often lose contact with their relatives back home, forget their mother tongue, history, and heritage, which are all crucial aspects of what make us Lebanese and strong bases of our beautiful and rich culture. But, we understand that this connection does not always dwindle willingly.

The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism (MOT) wants to form these connections again, and give the Lebanese diaspora the opportunity to reconnect with their roots. Our Lebanese identity is loaded with love of exploration, a natural tendency to travel around the world, and be present everywhere. Let’s bring this home.

‘Ana’ in Arabic means ‘me’, ‘myself’, and ‘self’. It is who you are, your identity, and what you start every sentence about yourself with. The ‘Ana’ program will reconnect you with that part of yourself, the part that is Lebanese, which may have been dormant inside you for a long time, but now finally has the chance to rediscover itself.  The program offers you the chance to take the ultimate trip ‘home’, where you will embark on your personal journey of discovery. Your trip will be filled with intimate cultural experiences that will leave you feeling connected with a newfound sense of pride, passion and joy for Lebanon. Comprehensive packages with exclusive rates that suit a range of budgets will allow you to finally embark on the trip of your life.